Creating a Positive Impression

No do-overs! Make the most of your one chance to make a positive first impression.

Did you know you are pre-programmed to think a certain way when you first meet…

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Resiliency matters (because nothing in life is perfect).

The idea is how to be a good leader in an imperfect environment, not trying to create the perfect environment to be a good leader.

When we talk about the…

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The leader you are–or will be–is a choice. Your choice!

How comfortable are you with being uncomfortable? 

So much of our day-to-day life as leaders doesn’t involve (consciously) making choices about how to be a great leader. We start each…

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What it takes to be a “no excuses” leader.

You have to be able to say “pass or fail” to yourself. Banish the “buts”! 

One of the key ingredients of ownership–essential to being a great leader–is a no-excuses approach.…

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How are you measuring yourself against the accountability bar? 

The leader is the high bar of the group; very few times is the team going to be more accountable than you. 

If you expect good people to follow you…

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Unrelenting resourcefulness: The key ingredient in every leader’s recipe for success.

Excellent leaders accurately assess what’s needed, what’s possible, and what it’s going to take – lather, rinse, repeat. 

Leaders are tasked with solving problems every day. Many are…

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Do You “Own” Ownership?

Excellent leaders don’t set out to be leaders…They set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role – always about the goal. 

Do you “own”…

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Developing Young Minds To Be Future Leaders

Teenagers. Early Saturday morning. All day training. I wondered how this was going to go. When I was a teenager, ‘early’ and ‘Saturday’ did not go in the…

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Coach H. And Her Principles For Success

My business is leadership development; my goal is to help people reach their full potential.  I am constantly looking for exceptional leaders and leaders committed to the growth…

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Three Questions Leaders Should Be Asking Themselves

Strong leadership begins with self-awareness, including your motivations, desires, and character. Across the board, strong leaders benefit from taking the time to  take stock of their own role in their…

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