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Preparing & Inspiring Resourceful Leaders


Realize Your Leadership PotentialLearn the secrets behind what makes an extraordinary leader during Leading the Charge, an interactive series of workshops. During our three-hour sessions, you’ll gain valuable skills and resources to help you discover what type of leader you are, what type you want to be and how to bridge the gap between the two. 

Offered at two convenient times, each class is limited to 25 people to allow for an intimate, high-touch experience.  The price per workshop is $250. Sign up for all three classes and save 25%. 

Be a Communication Catalyst – April 10th or April 13th: 

Being a leader is much more than just a title. It means you are a catalyst for change, a facilitator of progress. To be a true leader, you need to know how to communicate, how to listen and how to discern where and why the message is getting lost. In this session, participants will:

  • Examine the three common causes of communication breakdowns
  • Learn winning techniques to be an effective communicator
  • Master five easy ways to spark successful and positive communications

Expand Your Vision –  April 24 or April 27:

Every choice we make is “filtered” through a lens created by our upbringing, our education, our personal and professional experiences, and our temperament—and that’s just to start. Filters shape how you see the world and influence your actions. Used correctly, they can help you become an extraordinary leader. By understanding how some filters push us into automatic—and possibly unintended—outcomes, we can develop measured responses with an open mind that lead to an intended outcome. In this session, participants will:

  • Identify influential filters and how they develop
  • Recognize how filters impact leadership success
  • Think outside a filter to create a positive result

The Psychology of Personalities – May 8 or  May 11: 

To convey the message, motivate a team to action and achieve results, leaders must work with and represent a variety of personalities that together form an organization. It’s easy to think that people are crazy when they don’t speak your language. By understanding a person’s temperament and how he or she processes information, you’ll be more confident and comfortable when expressing yourself. As a result, you’ll be a much more effective communicator. In this session, participants will:

  • Examine and discuss the traits of famous leaders
  • Analyze the four types of temperaments
  • Learn the best approach for communicating with the different styles



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Call us: 302-581-9243 Follow Us:

Preparing & Inspiring Resourceful Leaders