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Preparing & Inspiring Resourceful Leaders


Why Choose Us?

We have 30 years of results-oriented leadership and organizational development experience. With our diverse portfolio of custom-designed programs, there is sure to be something for every business need. We employ a highly-engaged team of qualified instructors and leadership development experts with a keen understanding of the tenets of adult accelerated learning techniques. You can rely on our proven methodologies to improve individual, team & organizational effectiveness. We also understand and utilize relevant, interactive and engaging content to appeal to a variety of learning styles. Your team will learn practical skills that can be put into practice and make a noticeable impact right away.

Notable Clients

We work with a variety of clients in a wide-range of industries to include healthcare, government, manufacturing, construction, logistics, technology, and non-profits.

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Federal Staffing Resources (FSR)

APPI Energy

Aloft AeroArchitects (formerly PATS Aircraft Systems)

Federated Lighting

Definitive Logic

Trinity Logistics



“The company’s ability to customize programming to suit the specific needs of the leadership team at PATS was invaluable. The LEAN/Six Sigma Program resulted in a 20% increase in our total company income projections.” -Cheryl Parker, PATS Aircraft

“The quality of work was excellent. Lead Your Way delivered what they committed to deliver, on time and in a manner that was applicable and easily applied to our operational structure.” -Sarah Ruffcorn, Trinity Logistics



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Call us: 302-581-9243 Follow Us:

Preparing & Inspiring Resourceful Leaders