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Partnering to add value

About Us

Our Story

We are entrepreneurial but established. Small but mighty. Tightly focused but highly diverse. A common thread runs through everything we do: the desire and drive to add value to people and organizations.

Lead Your Way Solutions has grown from the vision and capabilities of our founder, Mike Nally, a serial entrepreneur and creative innovator with a passion for service and a commitment to helping our clients excel. We start by asking “Where can we add value?” and proactively go where the answers lead us. We have decades of experience in delivering our core services to a wide array of business and educational organizations and in tailoring those services to the government.   

We take our work, our commitments, and our clients’ success very seriously while staying true to who we are—committed professionals who enjoy our work and working together for our clients.

Our Mission

  • Provide best-in-class Professional Services to our clients. 

Our Vision

  • We solve important problems and create meaningful opportunities for our clients, investors, team members and communities. 

Our Values 

  • Leadership – Doing whatever it takes and taking responsibility for everything we do—no excuses.
  • Excellence – Operating at the highest possible level while always striving to do and be more.
  • Service – Giving willingly of our time and talent to benefit others.
  • Partnership – Forging and fostering relationships through mutual respect, collaboration, accountability and reliability. 
  • Innovation – Relentlessly looking for a better and more sustainable way.


Meet Our Team

Each member of our team brings unique skills, talents and experience that add value for our clients. 

  • Mike Nally, Founder and CEO— As a former Army Ranger and current entrepreneur, Mike brings a unique perspective to developing the next generation of responsible leaders. He blends his passion, military experiences, advanced education and corporate expertise with an unwavering commitment to leadership growth. Prior to forming Lead Your Way Solutions in 2003, Mike spent 15 years working in corporate environments, ascending to multiple corporate executive positions including Executive Vice President, President, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Executive Officer. Mike advanced his study in leadership with a B.A. in Military History from University of Maryland and an M.A. in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University. He participated in renowned professional development and leadership development programs including the Disney Institute and GAP International Executive Challenge program.
  • Emily Demarco, Vice President, Strategy and Innovation—Emily is the force that brings our vision and strategy to life, developing and overseeing the initiatives that serve our clients and grow our business. Her strategic thinking, sharp eye for detail, and guiding hand can be found in every facet of our work.
  • Conor Nally, Project Manager—Conor’s real estate knowledge and business savvy comes as no surprise; he learned from the best, his dad, Mike! A gifted “numbers guy,” he oversees and works to grow all aspects of our real estate, development, construction and property management ventures.
  • Jen Walls, Program Specialist—Jen is our first line of client outreach and service, handling curriculum development and design (a perfect fit for this certified secondary education teacher), business development, and marketing as well as providing on-site support for client training sessions.
  • Macie Parcells, Project Coordinator —Macie and her “let’s get it done” mindset keeps our office—and all of us—up, running and productive. She manages our business processes, budgets, and accounts payable and receivable with the right blend of business sense and entrepreneurial spirit.


Our Ventures

True to our entrepreneurial focus, we look for opportunities to combine our resources and expertise with those of other select firms so we can create new value for our clients.

Nally Fisher Design-Build is a partnership between Lead Your Way Solutions LLC and Fisher Architecture, LLC that complements our extensive development management and general contracting capabilities and expertise. We offer clients comprehensive concept-to-completion capabilities, adding value through streamlined project delivery, one-stop accountability, reduced risk and, ultimately, a superior build.

Somerville JV LLC is a CVE joint venture between Lead Your Way Solutions LLC and Federal Staffing Resources LLC (FSR). We bring specialized experience in healthcare recruiting for large-scale national healthcare contracts for the Department of Defense and Veterans Health Administration.


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Partnering to add value